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All Things FPL improves your overall rank helping you win by providing the best gameweek publications while possessing the best FPL community but don’t take our word for it. Check out some quotes from existing members…

The articles have always been really interesting and good summaries of the week just past and what to look out for. My personal favourites are definitely The Weekend Numbers articles. They consistently pick out interesting statistics that undoubtedly helped my success. It was one of these articles that persuaded me to get Tadic before his big haul.Jambo17 | Winner of the 2014/15 members league
Tommy and the team at ATFPL were key to my FPL success last season. The use and manipulation of Opta stats is one of the things that sets this site apart.The articles covered both major and minor talking points in a tremendous amount of detail and were always backed up by stats. Players I would usually ignore were brought to my attention and it was easier to predict who would be getting major points in the coming weeks. The access to the stats also enabled me to make my own informed opinions. Finally, if the articles and statistics didn’t answer all of my questions, the Members Lounge would provide me with answers. The community had a wide range of opinions,was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and always shared vital information.Naeropagnis | Finished 3,370th after a previous best of 118K
Best kept secret of last season. My previous best finish was in the 2011/12 season at 214,873th position. This season 2014/15, finished 901st position (Top 1K) out of approx 3.5 million fantasy league players. Lots of hard resourcing pre-season, and an astounding amount of help and statistics on ATFPL. The community spirit is absolutely superb. I’m quite lazy when it comes to stats, but there is a secret weapon in Tommy, who runs this site and is the stats king. I look forward to reading Captain Foresight, The Weekend Numbers and many more articles from the team, they help me make informed decisions on my team every week. If you want to improve your position, or win your Mini-League at work, jump onboard, you won’t regret it. Best move I ever made!Offshore Deserter | bet365 manager of the month winner
AllThingsFPL has a great community and continually delivers great articles. My target was to win my 2 mini-leagues… With the help here I won both by over 100 points and also achieved my highest overall ranking of 13k.TamHearts86 | Active community member
Without the help of allthingsfpl.com I wouldn’t have been able to jump from 165k to 9.3k in 1 season. The wealth of knowledge in the community along with the contributors weekly articles really did help me up my game.Its All Pointless | Active community member
AllThingsFPL.com has helped me [a] lot staying where I am . The stats are great and the articles published can work as a very good guideline for future transfers and weekly captaincy. Easy navigation allows me to target the stats down to exactly what I believe I am looking for whether it’s fixtures, players or clubs is the biggest help for myself.Ceci | Finished 454th in his first season
I was proud to be the first bet365 manager of the month winner referring to August where I bagged a nice £25(which translated in €32 in my currency) and to good use. I’ve bet for some time now and with my strategy of stake percentage relying on the amount on my bank it was good news to see it increased by playing FPL and being an ATFPL member. Funny story with this league was that I referred the site to a friend of mine and he won it in the next month. I usually play my own game choosing the players I´ve watched and think will come good in a near future and don´t buy into unproved bandwagons without proof to support it. Enter ATFPL to dissipate my doubts as with the tools the site provided I was able too see if what I´ve watched was just a fluke or if the stats backed the incoming points. Also when in doubt between two players the “comparison tool” was very handy. I like the articles and the info they provide as they take the main points from what we discuss in the “members lounge” through the week to give an informed opinion on what FPL managers should, or not, be aware of. This being my first season inside the top 10k in my 4 seasons playing the game properly says a lot from the help I’ve found at ATFPL its a shame I couldn’t hang from the heights of 3rd overall I’ve found myself in GW9, but that is the name of the game. Looking forward for the next season and so should you.King Nil Miss | bet365 manager of the month winner
Thank you, ATFPL, for season 2014/15. Without your community I would never have been able to reach a new all-time high, 5.5k (previous 163k). Minileagues: 5th in a major league in Sweden, 1st in a ML in Norway, 3rd in a league with lot younger football players from nearby. And for all this I wanna thank Tommy and you guys at ATFPL. The help one get from you guys at Members Lounge is invaluable! The community is like a family. Everyone is eager to encourage, help each other! And the articles you publish for every single GameWeek are written by experts on Premier League. My fav is Captain Foresight. Great with the detailed statistics you offer. Sad there isn’t a summer season. I have to be patient till August 8th for season 2015/16. See you all on ATFPL! I promise I’ll be there.LefaFinland | FPL Player since 2007/2008
I’ve come across every other site out there in the last 10 years and I can safely say that ATFPL is by far the best of the bunch. As long as I play FPL this is where I shall remain a member. You will not find a more helpful, troll free community like this anywhere else. This site has helped me make over £900 quid profit from mini leagues in the last 2 seasons since joining ( OR of around 1700 this season). The absolute total package in terms of what you need to succeed at FPL and the captain foresight that Tommy produces using his secret formula is worth the pittance it costs to join the site alone.RDL | Active community member
If you are a veteran of FPL, you find resources don’t you? Most of them are loud, noisy and fairly useless. You’ve probably used the Big Sites and even Twitter with varying degrees of success. I’ve only found one spot that helps me think clearly, analyse the players, teams and fixtures and do it in company with like minded players, who are not willing to accept that “burning gut feeling”. That place is ATFPL. From the camaraderie to the Staff’s analysis you’ll know you’ve found a home. You may even be in awe once you realise how many top 10k finishers frequent the place. Honestly, I can’t think of a better place to be.Bitterandstout | Active community member
First season of FPL I finished 819,896 not good right? Well I was a novice, and I missed FTs and selection deadlines… Year 2 I was doing poor like around the 500K rank mark, around February I discovered ATFPL twitter account and got help via reading posts & tweets from Tommy. Ended up 87,045. Year 3 My first full year as a community member at ATFPL won my first mini league, ended up with a rank of 66,440. Year 4 (last season) I decided to go pro on ATFPL, I strolled my 3 mini leagues (2 with cash) and finished with overall ranking of 381!

You just can’t argue with them numbers!Karl Hans | Active community member

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